Dynamic Speech Pathology offers specialist assessment and therapy services.


Informal and formal assessments: Formal assessment is completed folllowing an initial screen of all communicative functions. Initial screens are completed within the first appointment in order to ensure the most comprehensive and accurate formal assessment. Written reports are available and may accompany both types of assessment.

Screening programs: Kindergarten and prep screening programs are available. Such assessments investigate a child’s articulation, language and literacy skills and include summary reports and recommendations.


At Dynamic Speech Pathology we believe that our therapy services are only as valuable as the practise that occurs between session times. As such, clients are provided with revised weekly goals in addition to set home tasks to be completed between session times. This ensures clear communication throughout the therapeutic process. For this reason we encourage clients to attend sessions with a parent/significant other.

Communication Difficulties

Dynamic Speech Pathology offers intervention across the following areas of communication:

  • Articulation (the way  individual sounds are produced)

Incorrect substitution of sounds within words and conversation e/g/ /w/ for /r/and /f/ for /th/.

  • Language (the way in which words are put together and comprehension of language forms)

Asking questions and following instructions appropriately
Narrative skills
Sentence structure and formation
Story comprehension

  • Fluency/stuttering (the presence/severity of a stutter)

Repetition of sounds, words and phrases

  • Literacy and phonological awareness (spelling and writing)

Spelling rules
Written fluency
Blending/segmenting of sounds

  • Pragmatics (social skills)

Eye contact
Friendship formation and maintenance
Conversation skills; topic maintenance
Play skills; sharing, turn-taking

  • Auditory processing (the interpretation of what individuals hear)

Interpreting language in background and/or competing noises

  • Voice (vocal quality e.g. rough/husky)

Rough/harsh quality
Vocal hygiene


You should contact Dynamic Speech Pathology for advice should you have concerns regarding any of the above areas.

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