Flexible Arrangement

Based in East Burwood, we offer clinic visits in addition to external visits to homes, aged care facilities and educational settings, with no additional travel costs.



Home visits are an ideal way in which to observe children and their skill sets within their natural surroundings. Children are highly motivated by having the opportunity to engage with their preferred toys within sessions. This enables a more natural and quick client-therapist relationship to be established. The added comfort of home sessions also allows the speech therapist to more accurately determine natural interaction patterns between family members and to generate specific goals/therapy ideas relating to resources/spaces that are already within the home environment. Home visits may also be supplemented with alternative session locations following an initial consultation.



School visits enable speech therapists to observe interactions between clients and their peers/teachers. Such visits also encourage clear and open discussion of goals and strategies to relevant staff members allowing various strategies to be implemented within the classroom setting. This encourages generalisation of attained skills rendering them functional. School visits may occur with or without the presence of parents, however in the case of parental absence use of a home communication book is used to ensure clear communication of therapy goals. School visits may also be supplemented with alternative session locations following an initial consultation.


Nursing homes

Nursing home visits are a practical way to assess communication and swallowing skills following the occurrence of a stroke, degenerative condition or disease. We work closely with staff members to ensure diet modifications are upheld and monitored carefully. Such sessions can occur with or without the presence of a friend/family member, with session summaries being passed along promptly.



Skype sessions are ideal for enabling remote/ rural individuals to access speech therapy services. Prior to a scheduled session time, the speech therapist will send through a pack of materials to be printed and set up prior to the session time. Homework materials are still sent through to individuals in addition to session summaries.



Kindergarten sessions enable an in-depth observation of play and social skills, whilst ensuring a clear communication of set goals and strategies to staff who spend ample time with your child/children. Having the opportunity to model strategies ensures that staff members are maximising the potential for improvement in addition to equipping staff with the appropriate ways in which to respond to your child’s correct and incorrect responses.

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