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Dynamic Speech Pathology is managed by key Speech Pathologist Roula Vareloglou (B.SpPath).

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At Dynamic Speech Pathology all speech pathologists uphold impeccable qualifications and maintain up to date knowledge and clinical skills reflected by completion of/adherence to the following:

-Bachelor (B.SpPath) or Master’s degree in Speech Pathology from Latrobe University.

-Present as an active member of Speech Pathology Australia (professional body).

-Uphold the title of Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist

-Participation in Speech Pathology Australia’s Professional Self-Regulation (PSR) program

-Clinically trained stuttering therapists (Lidcombe Program and Camperdown Program).

-Interest and/or previous clinical experience in delivering Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA); An evidence-based intensive educational therapy for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Additionally various staff members are fluent in the following languages; Greek and French and are happy to assist with enquiries in these languages.


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